Mississippi Crybaby

Mississippi Crybaby:  Saga of Sore Loser

Author’s Note:  Recently, I came across a short online survey published by www.cryyoureyesout.com with an introduction by Frederick Stoner, PhD that dealt with the recent Mississippi Republican Senate run-off election between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran.  After taking the survey, I felt it would be worthwhile to share it with my readers, so I have included the survey and the introduction (with permissions from Dr. Stoner) in today’s blog.  I believe readers will find the survey to be very insightful, so please consider sending a letter of appreciation to Dr. Stoner as well as the National Whiner’s Institute (NWI) for their support and gracious funding of the survey.

Stoner’s Reality Check Survey

By Frederick Stoner, PhD

A Brief Introduction

Recently, Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran ran a hard as well as ugly campaign for the Mississippi Republican Senate nomination.  I will not dwell on the campaign other than to say both sides should be embarrassed by the national negativity once again thrown Mississippi’s way.  Both sides could have and should have done a better job of positively promoting their plans to move Mississippi forward if elected rather than spending millions of dollars to sling mud back and forth.

However, Thad Cochran won the run-off election with 51% of the vote, so all that is now water under the bridge, or is it?  Chris McDaniel refuses to throw in his bruised and bloody towel.  He refuses to accept the will of the very people he campaigned to represent in Washington, D.C.  Of course, he claims it was not the will of the Republicans for Thad Cochran to move a step closer to returning to Washington, but rather it was the will of rogue Democrats out to sabotage the integrity of the Republican election that put Cochran back in the driver’s seat.  He has cried loud and often for the whole nation to hear how the election was stolen from him by illegal crossover Democrats.  Since Mississippi has open primary elections, anyone can vote in the party election of his/her choice as long as they don’t get caught voting in both party elections, which is exactly what McDaniel claims happens.  Most people would agree that if that is the case, appropriate action should be taken to make the election right.  However, it has been nearly a month since the run-off election was held, and McDaniel has yet to provide substantial proof of wrong doing.  Most people, even some who once supported him, are growing weary of the McDaniel Fishing Expedition.  Each day that passes without proof, fewer and fewer people are buying his story.  In fact, the longer he squawks the sillier his story sounds.  His story sounds more and more like sour grapes, and his whining makes him appear more like a crybaby than the young politician with a bright future that he was once nationally touted to be.

Unfortunately, nothing I or anyone else might say is likely to help Chris McDaniel understand that he needs to let go and move on.  I believe the man truly believes the election was stolen from him, and he will not stop with the whining and crying until the election is given back to him.  He will do whatever it takes to go to Washington, even if it means destroying his career and taking down the Republican Party with him.  However, Chris McDaniel needs to slow down for a moment and ask himself one question, “Is this about me or the people of Mississippi?”  If it is about Chris McDaniel, he needs to continue whining and crying and who knows he might prove once again the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  However, if it is about the people, Chris McDaniel needs to pull on his big boy pants and do a reality check because the people have spoken in favor of Thad Cochran, and no amount of crying is going to change that fact.

[Disclaimer:  The NWI and Dr. Stoner acknowledge individuals with dysfunctional or self-serving egos may not satisfactorily respond to instruments such as The Stoner Reality Check Survey.  Therefore, the institute as well as Dr. Stoner cannot guarantee what impact if any the survey may have in regard to the subject/individual.]

NWI Reality Check Survey

  1. Chris McDaniel lost the June Mississippi Republican Senate run-off election because
    1. 51% of Mississippi voters preferred Thad Cochran over Chris McDaniel
    2. He beat himself with irresponsible comments during the campaign
    3. He beat himself because he got too cocky during the run-off campaign
    4. Cochran understands politics is more about people than party lines
    5. All of the above


  1. Chris McDaniel lost the June Mississippi Republican run-off election, but claims there was voter fraud because
    1. He is grasping at straws
    2. Mississippi has open primaries
    3. He is trying to land a talk show job with Fox News
    4. He is a crybaby
    5. All of the above


  1. Why hasn’t Chris McDaniel shown proof of voter fraud
    1. If there was voter fraud, it was too insignificant to make a difference in the election
    2. His $1,000 reward offer for evidence of fraud isn’t enough to buy the proof he needs
    3. He likes the attention he is getting
    4. He’s a crybaby and his claims are little more than sour grapes
    5. All of the above


  1. Chris McDaniel has been Chairman of the Senate Election Committee in Jackson for three years, but found no reason to revise the election laws – why?
    1. He felt everything was fine with the election laws as they were written
    2. He did not have the clout to get the election laws changed
    3. He felt the election laws do not apply to him
    4. He is a crybaby and thinks he can cry and whine his way to victory
    5. All of the above


  1. Why does McDaniel say the Republican Party needs to be purged?
    1. The Tea Party has purged itself of support for McDaniel and he is angry
    2. He believes the Republican Party has conspired against him.
    3. He believes he is a martyr for the Republican Party
    4. He is a crybaby, and crybabies cry when they don’t get their way
    5. All of the above


  1. Does Chris McDaniel have a political future?
    1. No, if he continues to ignore advice to put the election behind him and move on
    2. No, if he continues to alienate voters along racial lines
    3. No, unless he wishes to confine his political office dreams to Jones County
    4. No, if he continues to whine and cry over spilt milk
    5. All of the above

Thank you for participating in the NWI Reality Check Survey.  You may send your responses to mcdanielrealitycheck@cryyoureyesout.com. The survey results will be sorted into the following categories:  Get a Life and Move On; Oh, Really?; Reality Check for Simpletons; and Who Cares Anymore.  Results of the survey will be posted for review and comment in the indefinite future at www.cryyoureyesout.com and www.nwi.org.

Once again, thank you for your time, but unless your name is Chris McDaniel, it is now time for you to use your time more wisely and move forward with your life.  In other words, the election and the survey are over, so get a life.

Frederick Stoner, PhD

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©Jack Linton, July 20, 2014

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