Mississippi’s Once Grand Old Party has become the Sad Old Party

First the Republicans write legislation singling out one specific group, educators, to silence. Now they have changed the rules to limit debate and questions in the House! Why are the Republicans so afraid?  Are their actions so questionable that they feel compelled to silence all potential opposition?  But, maybe it is not opposition they fear, but reason!

What is going on with the Mississippi Republican Party? Why are they so set on shaping Mississippi in their image? Why does a Republican leader pen legislation that goes against the very Constitution the Republicans say they support? Why are they so insistent that only the Republican voice be heard? A state with only one voice is dangerous and borders on tyranny. Perhaps, the people of Mississippi should ask the Republicans if their intent is to serve the people or rule the people. They might be surprised by the answer, but in light of the actions of some Mississippi Republicans, their intent seems to be very clear.

State Republicans claim their goal is to save Mississippi, but who will save Mississippi from them? No one can talk to them, and you sure as heck better not talk about them! Republicans know everything, and if anyone dares believe they don’t, they will be silenced. They hate public schools, and do their best to legislate them out of existence. They are not above being deceptive to get what they want even it means duping the state’s citizens. What was once called the GOP, Grand Old Party, is now the SOP, Sad Old Party.

Lately, the Republican Party, especially in Mississippi comes across as having tunnel vision and being out of control. Some people may say I am off base, but if I am, please somebody explain to me why . . . .

  1. Republicans think they have all the answers and are reluctant to listen to anyone who actually might;
  2. Republicans want to silence those who challenge them or speak out against them;
  3. Republicans hate public schools;
  4. Republicans have little respect for educators;
  5. Republicans take from the needy (public schools) and do their best to give to the well to do (private and charter schools);
  6. Republicans use smokescreens as a tactical tool with citizens;
  7. Republicans claim absolute allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, yet they orchestrate bills to take away the First Amendment rights of state citizens; and
  8. Republicans always have enough money to do the things they want to do.

I am not against the Mississippi Republican Party, but the way they have been handling themselves lately, I find it hard to see how anyone who believes in personal liberties and what is right can stand by them. However, maybe, the Republicans are not guilty of any of the above, and they are simply being vilified by a few out of control bullies. Either way, a once Grand Old Party is not what it once was.


©Jack Linton, PhD     February 27, 2016


2 thoughts on “Mississippi’s Once Grand Old Party has become the Sad Old Party

    1. jlinton77 Post author

      Rocky, thank you for reading and responding. I have never considered myself a Democrat or a Republican, but over the years I have probably voted more as a Republican than as a Democrat. However, I am concerned with the direction the Republican Party has taken in recent years, especially in Mississippi. Mississippi Republicans advocate loudly for the Constitution, yet they often speak and take actions that are contrary to the Constitution. As a result, the Republican voice no longer sounds like or is representative of the voice of democracy and freedom. In my opinion, it resonates as a militant voice against the democracy of free expression and the liberties of a free people in a free state and nation. When any party attempts to restrict free speech and discussion of bills that impact the people, that party no longer respects or represents a state of free citizens. My voice on this issue is feeble and weak, but hopefully, I do not stand alone. Mississippi does not need warring political parties, a party that refuses to listen and debate, a party that embraces silence, or a party that wishes to rule. Mississippi has been ruled for decades by hate, indifference, and plutocracy. Look where it has brought us. We are the most God fearing state in the nation, yet we continue to wander aimlessly in the wilderness, and we will continue to do so as long as there are those in power who wish to rule rather than lead. Pray for us, my friend, there is a difference in governing and ruling, but I am no longer sure the people in power in Mississippi know the difference. If they do, they have yet to show it.



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