People in Mississippi Would be Better off Minding their own Business

If you have been listening to Mississippi legislators and religious rights folks, you would think HB 1523 was written to protect Christians from gay exploitation. I heard one lady say HB 1523 protected her preacher. Really? What are the odds a gay couple will ask a preacher they do not know to perform their marriage ceremony? I would say slim to none. Just like heterosexual couples, they are going to ask a preacher they know and who supports their lifestyle. Another lady on the news said HB 1523 protected traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Again, REALLY? What harm does a gay marriage cause a traditional marriage? None, unless maybe the man or the woman in the traditional marriage has some sort of latent homosexual leaning. HB 1523 does nothing for Mississippi but show how backward we are as a people. As a Christian, I do not understand the gay lifestyle, but I do not feel threatened by it either, no one should.

Personally, I don’t understand the attraction of two like genders to one another, but that is probably because I think women are the most beautiful creatures on earth. However, some people insist gays are a threat to family values. How? If the mama and the daddy in the home are doing their job teaching family values to the children, the odds are very slim their family values can be corrupted by anyone outside the family. Also, I am not aware of any guys who are sweet on guys or girls who are sweet on girls going wild and committing home invasions in my neighborhood for the purpose of using my bathroom and molesting my wife and I until we convert to their lifestyle. The few gay people I know believe strongly in family values and do not actively recruit.

Could it be gays are not as dangerous as some people would have us believe? As for gays getting hitched and endangering marriage between a man and woman, I just don’t see it. Just this past weekend I passed two churches where a man and woman were getting married, and there was not a single homosexual man or woman standing outside the churches with a gun or protests signs trying to breakup either marriage. Shoot, everything in this world is about money, so do you really think divorce lawyers are going to stand by and let anything jeopardize marriage between a man and a woman? Of course not! As long as there are divorce lawyers, marriage between a man and a woman will always be protected!

As for God, I certainly cannot speak for him, but I have to believe, he has more important things to do than worry about who’s hitting on whom. Besides, if there is a sin involved, he doesn’t need help from me or anyone else buttering the ole “I gotcha rod.” He didn’t need my help building hell, and he sure doesn’t need my help deciding who is or who is not going down there to live. The bottom line is that I don’t have time to worry about the sins of other folks. I have enough to worry about figuring out when it is and when it is not polite to scratch in public.

Heck fire, if I was single, I’d be introducing gay dudes to one another right and left. As a single guy, I would be thrilled to no end if the entire male population turned gay; that would leave more women for me! But, with my luck, the women would take one look at all the gay guys, and then one look at me, and opt for a gay lifestyle of their own or join a convent in Tibet or France or wherever they have convents. But that is okay, I have a beautiful wife with poor eyesight, so other than being left alone and leaving other people alone what more can a person ask for or hope for in life? I guess I could hope that people would learn to mind their own business and leave everybody else to their business, but unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen!

Straight from Mississippi,


©Jack Linton, April 11, 2016

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