Strange Facts?

Most people probably do not know that since south Louisiana is below sea level, it is illegal to bury a loved one in a wheelbarrow.  That is a strange bit of information, but it is a fact – a strange fact, but nevertheless a fact.  Strange facts are neither implied nor assumed; they are simply facts.  For example, look closely at the following strange facts:

  1. Miniskirts and thongs were invented in the South during the American Civil War due to the shortage of material for women’s clothing;
  2. In the South, prior to the invention of cell phones, women were only permitted to operate riding lawnmowers;
  3. After a couple of beers, the chicken becomes the fastest bird in the world;
  4. When asked what was their favorite food on a cob, 89% of millennials said “salad;”
  5. Historians now believe the world’s oldest profession is not prostitution but the “John;”
  6. The next great technologies, will be a female robot wife that massages feet, and a mechanical husband that looks interested when the wife talks about her day;
  7. You cannot apply for a job as a sports referee unless you are accompanied by a seeing-eye service dog;
  8. Prior to 1990, televised baseball could not use the word “balls,” so announcers had to say, “two strikes and three round things;”
  9. Research supports that preachers preach, so they don’t fall asleep in church; and
  10. The most used word in the South is “biscuit.”

In today’s world, it is wise to look carefully, read deliberately, and assume nothing.  Implied and assumed facts are the foundation our modern world is built upon, so tread carefully!  Did you know that in Bolivar County, Mississippi it is against the law for a hearse to leave a funeral service early to beat the traffic?  Facts are the facts, but not necessarily always the facts.  Think about that the next time a politician or used car salesman opens his mouth.


©Jack Linton, September 27, 2016

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