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Is Your Think Tank Empty?

There are times when under breath or maybe even at full throttle just about everybody uses what my mama called “dirty words,” but over the past several years uninhibited profanity in movies, television, social media, and in day to day conversation has become an accepted norm in our society. Today, the crude, true blue, body part slinging, locker room, defecating grudge that would make an old-time sailor cringe is used by old and young alike. It has become a badge of coolness and honor to dot every sentence with a few expletives. Unrestrained gutter mouth is the cool of the 21st century, and if you have a problem with it, folks who take pride in their four letter vocabulary will blast you with every foul, dirty, nasty, disgusting name they can THINK to call you. AND, therein lies the problem – THINKING! THEIR THINK TANK IS EMPTY!

Go ahead and curse if that is how you must express yourself. I wouldn’t say it necessarily makes you a bad person, but if you are capable of a higher level of expression, I will say it makes you a lazy person. When they get mad or want to be cool, chickens cluck, bears growl, dogs bark, frogs croak, and snakes hiss because they lack the capacity to express themselves any other way. So I must assume since we are all God’s creation, people who indulge religiously in a foul-mouth, repulsively self-serving, toxic manner lack the capacity to express themselves any other way as well. They succumb to their basic animal instincts because their capacity to function at a higher level is compromised. THEIR THINK TANK IS EMPTY, and “wordy durds” are all they have bumping around between their ears!

You can call me a gosh dog-it hummerdiddle if you like, but that is how I see it.