Earlier today I posted my observations and questions concerning the COVID-19 virus.  My intent was not to minimize the severity of the situation or to imply the virus was less than real.  At the time, I felt I had legitimate questions concerning the virus, and I was asking for clarification.  As I hoped, I have many friends much smarter and better informed than I am, and they did a superb job of answering my questions and providing resources that helped shed light on my concerns.  Although there were many great responses, the following exchange was the most enlightening for me:

FRIEND: “CDC tracking in the US is essentially worthless because essentially we’ve not been testing. We don’t have the data to know how many cases there are/have been. The reason we all need to isolate is because that’s how an epidemic is stopped in the absence of vaccines. Until that vaccine is developed (~18 months) it’s essential to minimize the rate of infections. An awful lot of us are going to get it, but if we all get it at more or less the same time, many more will die. The deaths aren’t just of the elderly – it looks like ~2% of deaths are of under 60s. If you have a million cases, that’s 20,000 deaths.”

ME: “I guess I have been hearing it, but it did not register until you said “in the absence of vaccines.”  If I am not mistaken, with most other viruses, there were vaccines available or available in short order, but that is not the case with COVID-19.  Therefore, our nation’s response to the virus makes much more sense in that light.”

Folks, the bottom line is THERE IS NOT A VACCINE for the COVID-19 virus!  Currently, our only line of defense is to isolate, and such action should not be minimized by me or anyone else.  We cannot afford to take chances with the lives of our loved ones or our own lives.

Thank you, to everyone who responded to my post, and especially those who set me straight and provided resources for my further education in this matter.  It is going to take a community presence both physically and online to support and guide each other through these dark days, but we can always find light if we are willing to look for it in each other.

Take care of yourselves and each other. Together we will overcome this crisis.


©Jack Linton, March 18, 2020

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