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Seven Traffic Signs We Desperately Need

We have all been there – (1)  you sit through three traffic lights because the idiot two cars ahead of you is texting and not paying attention; (2)  you are driving down the interstate at a comfortable 65 miles per hour and the spouse gets bent out of shape because you are not doing the speed limit of 70;  (3)  the guy merging into your lane from a side road has a yield sign, but he never once looks to see if the way is clear before he barrels his way in front you causing you to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him (there is large freight truck in the lane to your left, so you can’t change lanes;  (4)  you watch in horror as a pedestrian steps into the crosswalk and is almost rundown by an automobile accelerating through the intersection;  (5)  you have driven around Walmart five times looking for an empty parking space when you notice a SUV with a handicap sticker on the license plate pull into a handicap space where a woman jumps out and literally runs from the parking lot into the store – it is obvious the person does not have a handicap;  (6)  you are driving down the highway in heavy morning traffic when the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop causing you to hit your brakes, which causes the lady in the car behind you, who is busy putting on her makeup, to rear end your car;  or, (7)  the traffic light finally turns green and the line does not move until there is only enough time left for two cars to get through the intersection before the light turns red again all because Betty Diva was so engaged in singing and swaying to the radio that she did not notice the light change.  Can you spell “ROAD RAGE?”  These are the types of inconsiderate drivers who drive normally sane people to horrendous acts of rage!

Face it, people who text and drive, people who don’t have a clue as to what a yield sign means, people who are reckless around pedestrians, people who abuse handicap privileges, people who pay more attention to their makeup than driving, or people who think auditioning to the radio is their big break, need to take a bus!  They do not need to be behind the wheel of an automobile.  They can be dangerous to themselves and to others, so it would be best if a loved one hid their keys or better yet threw them away.  However, that is not likely to happen, so what can be done?  One solution that might help is to redesign traffic signs to meet the mindset of today’s drivers.  Updated signs might at least act as reminders to drivers that driving is serious and should not be taken lightly.

NEW and REDESIGNED Traffic Signs


Before you text and drive, take a moment to look at pictures of your family and say goodbye!

                  test picture.png

Just because the speed limit is 70 does not mean you have to drive 70!

Yield sign.jpg

When merging into traffic always look; don’t assume traffic will stop or slow down for you!

Pedestrain sign.jpg

It is the driver’s responsibility to watch for pedestrians!  However, it is stupid for a pedestrian to assume drivers will watch for them.

handicap parking sign.jpg

Handicapped parking is for handicapped people!  It is not for people who are in a hurry or too lazy to walk a short distance.

No makeup zone sign.jpg

Morticians are trained cosmetologists, so ladies you can put your makeup on before you leave the house, or put it on while driving and let the mortician touch up those spots you couldn’t see in your rear view mirror.

singing in microphone.jpg

If you can sing in your car and pay attention to what is happening around you, then sing to your heart’s content.  However, if you are one those clods who struggles to do two things at the same time, give yourself and everyone else a break and don’t sing in the car!

Remember, when driving always pay attention!  You never know what is around the next turn.  May God always keep you and your loved ones safe and wise.


©Jack Linton, April 23, 2016