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Four Practical Solutions to Transgender Choice/Use of Public Restrooms

I understand we should be sensitive to the needs of all people including transgenders.  However, is transgenders using the restroom of their choice truly worth all the commotion and uproar, especially when we are only talking about .3 percent of the American population?  I know that statement may sound insensitive, but let’s get real.  Where does all this stop?  There is some research that indicates that 12 percent of the population in the United States would consider visiting a nude resort, so even if we cut that number by half or divided it by 12 the resulting 6 percent and 1 percent respectfully are greater than the total number of transgenders.  So, does that mean we should be sensitive to those who identify as nudists and allow them to shop nude if they like?  Why not?  If laws are passed to address the needs of .3 percent of the population, shouldn’t laws be passed to respect the needs of the one percent practicing nudists?    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being sensitive to the needs of all people when possible, but there comes a time when common sense has to take precedence over sensitivity as well as political correctness.

Unfortunately, common sense is not in great supply these days!  So, I am going to make this quick and simple.  I have FOUR common sense solutions to the current transgender bathroom fiasco that has people, especially daddies and granddaddies, fit to be tied.  I urge you to read these four solutions carefully, and share at least one of them with your local store managers and politicians.  Instead, of all the shouting and fussing, we need solutions; here are mine:

  1. Wire all women’s restroom doors with wiener zappers. Anytime anyone enters the women’s restroom, they are scanned.  If the person has a wiener, the zapper detects it, and a laser zaps it off right there on the spot.  Problem solved!  The guy who identifies as a woman is now truly a woman, and if he is a pervert, he is no longer any danger to ladies and little girls;
  2. Replace stalls and urinals in both men and women’s public restrooms with Porta Potties. Men and women stand in the same lines for hours at fairs and festivals to use the same potties with few problems, so install them in places like Target and let people do their business and move on to more important things;
  3. If everyone started wearing catheters attached to urine drainage bags and adult diapers under their clothes, there would be no need for public restrooms. Just think those stinky restrooms could be converted to snazzy restaurants or toiletry shops; or
  4. We could use a little common sense and require department stores such as Target and even malls to add unisex restrooms in addition to the traditional men’s and women’s restrooms. Unisex restrooms have been available in some places for years, with very few if any problems, so why not build more?

I know I will branded as insensitive, but it is time we put all this crap to bed!  And, yes, where my wife, daughter, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces, and female friends are concerned, I sometimes may be a bit insensitive when their safety and privacy is placed in jeopardy, and it is doubtful I will become more sensitive until someone with some common sense comes up with a practical solution to ensure their safety and privacy.  Under the current situation, the safety and privacy of women and girls including transgender women and girls cannot be protected or guaranteed, and therein lies the true root of this problem.


©Jack Linton,  April 26, 2016