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A COVID-19 Conspiracy Video:  America’s Frontline Doctors

Recently a video was posted on Youtube and elsewhere online depicting a conference of frontline doctors dealing with the COVID-19 virus.  The video was a promotion for alternative treatments for the virus such as hydroxychloroquine, and how the public is being denied such lifesaving drugs.  The video was pitched as lifesaving information that would soon be taken down by Youtube, so if you wanted to see it, you had to watch it immediately.  I highly suspect such hype was a tactic to entice people to watch a video that ordinarily would have drawn little fanfare.  Indeed, the video was removed from Youtube, but it was easily accessed elsewhere online, so I am confident the intended audience had ample opportunity to see it.

I watched the whole video (3 hours) with touches of confusion, frustration, and disbelief. If I were to believe the video, the government and other dark conspirators are out to get us.  The doctors on the video claimed there are treatments and cures for COVID-19, but the miracle drugs are being withheld from the American people.  Is this true?  I have no idea, but I doubt it, and a couple of outright eye popping false statements in the video made me doubt it even more.  Of course, that is my opinion, but after watching the video, I believe my opinion to be as valid, even more so, than many of the opinions stated or implied in the video.

However, opinion is opinion, so look close at my reactions to the video below to see where my objections fall and decide for yourself:

Responses to the video – America’s Frontline Doctors:

  1. Does Hydroxychloroquine and the over the counter asthma treatment mentioned work?
    1. Some doctors swear by these treatments (the four or five in the video for example) while the greater majority of doctors say no they do not work. In fact, most doctors agree hydroxychloroquine may cause dangerous side effects for some people.  It doesn’t seem to have harmed the President though, but I guess, who you believe depends on who you want to believe;
    2. Who is right? Who knows!  It depends on the source you are watching or reading and whether you lean to the left or to the right.  The only sure bet is whatever source you rely on is most likely biased one way or the other, and people are not getting the whole story or anywhere near the truth whatever it might be.  Therefore, the best advice is to err on the side of caution;
  2. False Statement:  The video stated, “Children do not die from COVID-19.” According to the most recent CDC data, this is a false statement.  Initially very few children and young adults died from the virus, but the numbers have been increasing steadily.  For example, in February and March, COVID-19 cases involving children showed 13 cases per 100,000 population while as of July 23 COVID-19 cases involving children showed 379 cases per 100,000 population.  Also, as of July 23, there were 288,287 children who had tested positive with COVID-19.  Of those children, 500+ died between May 21 and July 23 from COVID-19;
  3. False Statement:  The video stated, “Children are essentially immune to it (COVID-19).” This is another false statement from the video.  The CDC numbers above show over 280,000 children have tested positive for the virus and over 500 have died.  That hardly sounds like immunity to me;
  4. Is denying Americans access to drugs such as hydroxychloroquine a part of a bigger conspiracy against the American people?
    1. If there is a conspiracy, two things would have to be in place:
      • President Trump would have to be in on the scam. I am not a fan of President Trump, but if he knew of such a scam, I believe he would have let the cat out of the bag by now with one of his many tweets; or
      • President Trump would have to be an unknowing puppet with someone else pulling the strings. I do not care for the President’s demeanor or lack of Presidential class, but I do not believe he is anybody’s puppet;
    2. If there was a government conspiracy, why have members of the President’s White House staff become infected with the virus? Wouldn’t they be immune?  If the President can obtain treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, surely, those miracle treatments are available to his staff as well, so there should be zero infections in the White House.  However, maybe government is as clueless about the virus as the rest of us;
    3. If there is a conspiracy and it is linked to a vaccine, what is the endgame?
      • SOMEBODY IS GETTING RICH or RICHER: Pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions – why?  Who has ordered them not to?  Government?  Big insurance companies?  Medical profession?  Economically, it makes no sense unless it benefits the pharmaceutical companies.  However, the US government has already ordered 100,000,000 doses of the vaccine when it is ready and will order another 200,000,000 doses after the first run is filled, so the pharmaceutical companies have essentially received their money and future money up front.  Therefore, there is no need for them to drive vaccine prices up by stalling treatment.  The American people will not be charged anything for the vaccine, so they have little more to gain.  Therefore, if it is some sort of financial scam to make the big guys richer, it would most likely involve not only the pharmaceutical companies but implicate the President as well, which I doubt in both cases;
      • MASS EXTERMINATION: Some conspiracy theorists have suggested the vaccine will thin out the population, but why?  To whose advantage?  Who gains by mass extermination of the population?  It certainly would not benefit either capitalism or a move toward socialism.  Economically there would be nothing to gain unless the exterminators could isolate and safeguard the key millions of people it would take to rebuild the country and its economy; or maybe
      • BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING: Some have suggested the vaccine is a means of injecting microchips to track American citizens.  This is highly doubtful.  The government whether left or right knows everything about each American citizen without the need of a biologically implanted microchip.  The government and big business track every American citizen by his/her driver license, social security number, credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, bank statements, and cell phone, etc.  They track buying habits every time an order is placed at Walmart or online.  They know everything worth knowing about every individual on the grid, so they do not need to cause controversy by inserting a microchip into human bodies.  Anyone who has ever applied or has possession of a credit card or any other card linked to them personally is already in their data banks – data collection is one reason it is so easy to get a credit card.  Our lives are encrypted data belonging to the government and big corporations.  As citizens, everything we do is available for scrutiny if or when the government and the business moguls desire.  They do not need to implant anything to learn all they need to know about citizens; and
  5. I am not saying the remedies supported in the video do not work – I do not know, but there is a reason these remedies have not been made available to the public.  I find it hard to believe as stressed as the medical profession is with the number of COVID-19 patients being treated every day, any doctor, much less thousands of doctors, would ignore treatments that could effectively reduce that stress and save lives.  I highly suspect if hydroxychloroquine and the asthma treatment mentioned in the video truly saved lives there would be many thousands of doctors standing up and saying so.  After all, these are family men and women who are placing themselves and their families in jeopardy everyday they go to work to treat patients.  They are not going to fool around with conspiracies when it comes to the lives of their children.

As for the virus being a conspiracy “to get” American citizens, resurrect a new world order, or help Joe Biden win the Presidency, there is no reasonable proof to suggest these are anything but fanciful fears of people living in desperate times.  It is doubtful anyone or anything other than our fears are lurking in the shadows to get us.  How do I know?  I don’t.  There are only five things I reasonably know for sure:

  1. I can complain and worry until the cows come home, and it will not change a thing;
  2. If I want change, I need to vote for change – voting is the tool for change in America;
  3. I need to wear a mask when I go out to help control the spread of the virus;
  4. I am certain we will get through this, but it will most likely be months after the November election, so I do not foresee a quick end; and
  5. I and most Americans are our own worst enemy in all of this. We tend to give credibility where there is no credibility, which causes additional stress and worry in an already hectic time.

Of course, all this apart from the CDC data is my opinion, but I dare say my opinion is probably far less biased than anything that can be found on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or Youtube.  Like everything else in our present day world, everything is opinion – the news, our conversations, and our very existence, so feel free to disagree.  Neither one of us may be right about anything, but that is food for another conspiracy.


©Jack Linton, July 28, 2020

Support for a LEGO Wall

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook depicting President Trump building his proposed border wall from a box of Legos.  Other than a brief laugh, I scrolled down the page giving it little thought, but then it hit me like a Lego brick upside the head.  It could work!  Not only could it work, but a Lego wall would be a cost-effective way to get hog-tied American citizens and laughing Mexican leaders off the hook for funding the wall.  A Lego wall stretching the length of the border between the United States and Mexico would still be expensive, but the cost could be reduced drastically from billions to millions by taking advantage of America’s greatest untapped building material resource – old Lego sets and Lego pieces collecting dust under sofas and in toy closets in homes across America.     

Putting a plan to build a Lego wall in action would not be difficult.  Most American families would be overjoyed to donate their old Lego sets and partial sets that no longer interest their children or grandchildren to the wall.  A network of Lego Drop Boxes in malls, Walmart, churches, and government buildings could be set up across the nation to collect Lego pieces for The Great Wall of America.  Legos make sense as a money saver as well as a building material.  By using Legos – new or donated – to build the wall, money for mortar, adhesives, rivets, welding, etc. to hold the wall together would not be necessary since Legos interlock.  Donated Legos would be especially useful to the construction of the wall.  Used Legos not only interlock but are covered with a thin gooey film from sticky little fingers that once played with them.  Try prying apart two interlocked Legos sealed by peanut butter and jelly or banana pudding taffy?  It is almost impossible.  Nuking might do the job, but it’s doubtful.

Labor is the second area in which a Lego wall would save the country money.  Let’s assume every Congressman can assemble Legos (A stretch, but for now please humor me).  Why not put them to work building the Lego wall?  They receive a paycheck for doing little to nothing, so why not put them to work earning their pay for a change?  Of course, such a work force of limited skill sets and questionable work ethics would require constant supervision and mentoring, and that is where pre-school and kindergarten children come into play.  Children are Lego experts, and through their expertise and guidance, the construction of the wall would flow smoothly from beginning to end.  Now, before someone starts shouting about child labor violations, please, listen closely.  Under the Lego plan, communities would organize pre-school and kindergarten field trips to allow children to travel to the wall and spend a day eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mentoring the Congressmen stacking Legos for the wall, and teaching them how to work and play nicely together.  If nothing else, children mentoring Congressmen on how to get along, share, and work together would be a patriotic service sorely needed in America. 

Finally, maintenance for the wall would be easier and cheaper if Legos were used.  Billions of dollars would be saved on maintenance since cumbersome and expensive steel and concrete would not be needed.  When a section of the Lego wall needed repairs, Congressmen would simply pop out the worn piece and fit a donated Lego piece in its place.  There would be no long delays waiting for replacement materials since America’s Donate a Lego campaign would produce an endless stream of Legos for repairs and additional tower construction.  This would especially be true in March and April when most children lose interest in the Legos they received for Christmas and put them aside.  That interest lull is the perfect time for patriotic parents and grandparents, tired of losing their religion and speaking in obscene tongues when they step on a Lego piece buried in the carpet, to scoop up all Legos laying around the house and drop them in the nearest Lego Drop Box.  The beauty of this process is it comes at no cost to the to the citizens of the United States or Mexico.

If you stop to think about it, a Lego wall makes as much sense as anything else happening in Washington these days, so why not give it a chance?  Who knows, it might give us a reason to smile, be nice to each other, and be proud of our country’s leadership once again.


©Jack Linton, January 19, 2019

This is America: It is Time We Remember Who We Are

Although I believe there must be immigration laws, I also believe human beings have a right to seek a better life for themselves and their children.  If that was not true, God would not have led the children of Israel to the Promised Land.  The Israelites were immigrants to Canaan and God blessed them.  Likewise, God has blessed America.  Except for America’s indigenous people, all American citizens are or were at some point in their family history immigrants to this nation, and like the Israelites, God has blessed this nation of immigrants greatly.  Therefore, the only rational conclusion is the pursuit of a better life by immigrants is blessed in the eyes of God regardless of the self-righteous tantrums we throw or the vilifying mud we sling.

One of the most important documents in the creation of this nation was the Declaration of Independence, and that document clearly outlines three “unalienable rights” that are given to all human beings by God our Creator:  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Declaration of Independence also declares the sole purpose of government is to protect the “unalienable rights” of all human beings.  It does not specify Americans, Hispanics, or any other nationality or ethnic group.  Through this document, the wisdom of our founding fathers speaks in support of all human beings.  It is clear in its message, a message echoed by the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” that the United States was founded by believers in freedom and believers in the inherent right of all human beings to pursue a better life.  Therefore, the migration of families seeking a better life –  should not be construed – cannot be construed – a criminal offense if Americans believe in the values on which our founding fathers established this nation.

Of course, known criminals should be turned away as well as those not willing to work for the American dream.  Such people are not immigrants seeking a better life; they are cancers that rightfully should be denied access to our nation.  However, there are many many more immigrants who, if given a chance, would prove a benefit to the nation.  In a nation, struggling to find people who want to work, immigrants are a proven workforce that could strengthen this nation’s economy.

Unfortunately, presently, we are so focused on the cancers, so afraid of the boogey men our government has created, it is unlikely immigrants will get a fair shake anytime soon.  Such punitive action as removing innocent children from immigrant parents is likely to become more common in coming months, which will do nothing more than feed a domestic cancer that further divides, tarnishes, and shames our great nation.  Labeling all immigrants as criminals and separating innocent children from their parents is barbaric and tells the world that America, built on the premise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, has sadly morphed into a nation living a lie.

Everyone has an opinion about immigration, and in most cases, there is an underlying truth in each of those opinions, but regardless, Americans cannot lose sight that immigration is a human issue in which there is a moral obligation to not only be cautious but compassionate as well.  Immigration, especially the separation of immigrate children from their parents, is not a conservative versus liberal issue.  It is not a Democrat versus Republican issue.  It is a human rights issue that no American can afford to sit back and ignore or blindly support inhumane policies and practices.

Our forefathers understood immigrants to this nation were the nation’s backbone.  They founded America on that backbone, they embraced those no one else wanted, and they stood their ground against tyranny to protect human rights.  Immigration has always been and continues to be a human rights issue.  It is an issue where Americans, especially Christians, must separate themselves from the jaws of politics and stand up for what is humanly right –  They must do what Jesus would do!  Immigration and its solutions are complex, but practices such as separating children from their parents as punishment for crossing the border into the United States is not a complex issue; it is simply morally wrong and should be stopped immediately.  This is America, and it is time we remember who we are and act accordingly.


©Jack Linton, June 18, 2018

100 Days of Madness

Over the past eight years, many people blamed President Obama for the growing divide in the United States, and there is little doubt he was a party to the problem.  However, he has been gone for over 100 days, and we are more divided than ever.  In the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s madness, the nation has been besieged with riots in the streets, claims of fake news, outright lies and twists on the truth, growing threats of nuclear war, continuous Presidential tweets that reek of schoolboy bullying and narcissism, and White House jockeying that appears cloaked in scandal and coverup.  As a nation, we have watched as a once proud political party jerked the power of the Presidency from the hands of their political adversary only to become mired in madness and drown in its own vomit.

This past week, President Trump continued to pile coals on an already blazing fire when he fired FBI Director James Comey.  Whether the firing was justified or not is debatable, but the timing and how it was handled was amateurish.  In what seems to be the norm with this President, he makes decisions on the fly, loosely coordinates a cover story with his staff, and later kicks their feet out from under them when the story begins to unravel.  For example, in an interview after firing the FBI director, he acknowledged his people had not been one-hundred percent accurate in their initial portrayal of the events surrounding the dismissal.  He said he is such an active President that there is no way his people can keep one-hundred percent up to date on everything going on with his Presidency.  If that is true, he has serious communication and logistical problems with his staff; however, it is more likely his staff cannot keep up because the President’s stories keep changing.

Look at the the story behind James Comey’s firing as originally reported by the President’s spokespeople to the news media.  They initially reported the Russian investigation had no bearing on the firing whatsoever.  However, the President later contradicted them when he admitted Director Comey’s investigation into Russian interference in the Presidential election and possible White House collusion played a key role in his decision to fire the director.  We also learned the President took issue with Director Comey’s refusal to pledge his loyalty to him.  Bravo for Director Comey!  Such a request was not only unethical, but in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States.  Like the President’s oath of office, the FBI Director takes an oath of loyalty to the Constitution of the United States and not to any individual, including the President of the United States.

The White House madness has now escalated from Russians to pledges to possible taped conversations with President Trump’s tweet to ex-Director Comey threatening the possible existence of secret tapes made of their conversations.  Maybe the President needs to study history!  In 1973, President Richard Nixon got into a hell of mess with secretly taped conversations, which led ultimately to his resignation in 1974.  Maybe the tweet was simply the President making up garbage once again – who knows!  Made up garbage certainly fits the bill for the madness surrounding a President who says whatever he feels his supporters what to hear regardless of authenticity, shrugs it off when called to task, and moves on without an ounce of accountability.  That is madness!

Some people say such madness would have never occurred under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, but I am not so sure.  If she had been elected President, I believe things in Washington would be much quieter, but I don’t believe she would have accomplished any more in her first 100 days than President Trump.  I am afraid, she would have consumed her first 100 days sitting in front of the mirror admiring the new President of the United States.  That would be madness of a different kind, but nevertheless madness.  Of course, everyone knew when Clinton and Trump became nominees for the Presidency we were in for a long maddening four years regardless of which one was elected.


©Jack Linton, May 15, 2017

Public School Educators should follow Trump’s Example

The title of this article is probably one of the stranger things I have said, but it is true.  If public education is to survive, it is imperative public school educators take lessons from Donald Trump.  They must study the way he orchestrated his speeches into repetitive “trumpet” calls to action that ultimately sent him to the White House.  They must pay close attention to how a man who is intentionally simple and self-promoting could get inside the heads of a nation and become the most powerful man in the world.  Public school educators must learn to play Donald Trump’s “trumpet game!”  Their survival most likely depends on it.

If public school educators learned to use Trump’s “trumpet” formula, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for them as well.  What Trump did was not magic or sleight of hand.  It was not even complicated, but it was brilliant.  His speeches were nothing more than self-marketing at its most flamboyant and magnificent.  Of course, most educators are not as ostentatious as Trump, but they could still learn from him by studying his rise to power.  When it comes to marketing, educators have a lot to learn, and there is not a better teacher than the current President of the United States.

If people hear something often enough, they begin to believe it – good or bad.  If people hear whimpering, whining, and apologies often enough they begin to believe something is wrong.  Therefore, it’s time educators stopped whining and being apologetic!  Educators need to learn from the President to be more aggressive and self-promoting.  They need to start telling the public what they want them to know, and they must keep preaching that message until the public believes it.  The days of the sweet little timid unassuming school teacher are over.  If public schools are to survive, confident self-promoters, not afraid to toot their own horn, are needed, and Trump’s formula is the vehicle to enable teachers to market themselves successfully.  For instance, look at the following example of how a teacher might sound using the Trump “Trumpet” Formula:

How Teachers Might Express themselves using the “Trumpet” Formula

Hello America.  I am a public school teacher – a great teacher.  My friends tell me I am a great great teacher.  People I don’t even know call me and tell me how very very great I am.  Believe me I am a great teacher.   But, my profession is under attack by a misinformed public and politicians.  Politicians are total scum bags.  They have fought against me and other great public school teachers for many many years, but they can’t beat us.  Can’t do it.  Total losers.

Teaching is the best profession in the world – not the oldest, but the best.  Public schools have all the best teachers – the best tile on the floors – the best ringers in the bells.  Other schools fail in comparison.  Look at charter schools – total disaster.  They are not even real schools.  They’re fake.  They’re fake schools.  Public schools are real.  Tremendous schools!  Public schools have cafeterias.  They serve the best government commodity food in the world.  It’s true.  The cafeterias are the best, they are.  You can eat “pig-in-a-blanket” with syrup for breakfast.  The ladies in the cafeterias serve the best cheesy cheese over rice in the world for lunch.  You can even grab and squeeze their biscuits, it’s fantastic.

Public schools are the safest schools.  They have the best walls around them – chain link walls, walls of iron and steel.  Great walls that can be seen from Mars – so far away they look like tiny Ninja fortresses.   And, think, the parents of ELL students – non-English speakers – paid for it.   It’s true.  Public schools have the best arts and sports programs in America – in the world.  They’re great – tremendous!  Unlike some schools, public schools even make time for academics.  People tell us, very very important people, tremendous people, that America has the greatest underfunded education system in the world.  It’s unbelievable.  It really is.

Support public schools.  Tell your sons and daughters to support public schools.  America has a great great dependency on public schools.  It’s huge.  Tremendous!  Friday night football in the fall, Prom – backseat romps in the spring, and baby’s first holiday onesie at Christmas.  Traditions we will lose unless America stands tall for public schools.  If Americans allow politicians to screw public schools, traditions will die and societal problems will grow.  Believe me, they will become huge!  They will be enormous!  It’s true. Please don’t.

Last but not least, public school teachers totally understand it’s gonna be politicians first – Republicans first, Democrats second.  But, can we just say, “Public School Education,” third?  Is that okay?  It would be tremendous.  Huge!  Friday night football would remain king!  People, great great people, special people, people I don’t even know, will call it huge.  Tremendous!  Together we will make public schools great again big time.  Thank you.  You’re great – the best.  It’s true.

[End Teacher Example]

Hey, this worked for Donald Trump!  Verbally repeat or publish something often enough in social media and people will eventually start to believe it.  How else could a billionaire with no political experience and little in common with the masses get enough votes to become President of the United States?  His looks are not that appealing, and he doesn’t come across as overly smart, so what made him interesting enough to win the confidence and trust of the people?  The answer is simple.  Although his message was rarely clear and to the point, he kept to the point.  His message, “We will make America great again,” never wavered.

Though simplistic, he was never uncertain about where he stood.  He never backed down.  He got inside America’s head and he stayed there with a simple combination of telling people what he wanted them to hear and what they wanted to hear over and over and over again.  Throughout the election campaign, he was the dominating aggressor to the point of being rightfully labeled a bully, but he never strayed from his message nor was he ever boring.  Americans love to be entertained, and he delivered big time!

Educators can learn a lot from Donald Trump.  To change attitudes toward public education, educators need to take his lessons to heart.  Like Trump, to win, educators must get inside people’s heads.   They must develop a message of simple, but aggressive repetition.  For example, if teachers had maintained a unified repetitive stand that Common Core Standards were GREAT, TREMENDOUS, and WOULD MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, instead of becoming boring unsure defenders of the standards, the negative hoopla, most likely, would have, in a very short time, faded away without the need to drop the standards, change the name of the standards, or any other such nonsense.  Educators must learn to say what they want people to know and remember, and like Donald Trump, they must say it often.

However, probably the greatest lesson educators can take from Trump is simplicity.  According to a report by Evan Puschak, founder of NerdWriter, Donald Trump favors simple sentences when he speaks.  He rarely uses complex or compound sentences.  Puschak stated 78% of Trump’s words are one syllable with only about 5% of his words having three to four syllables.  In a separate report by Matt Viser of the Boston Globe, Viser used a Flesch-Kincaid analysis of answers Presidential candidates gave to debate questions to determine Trump’s responses were consistently on a fourth grade level – simple and easy for anyone in the audience to comprehend.  In the world of communication, simplicity is power.

Unfortunately, unlike Donald Trump, educators like to put their “smarts” on show when they speak, especially in front of the public.  As a result, they often speak over the heads of their listeners or down to their listeners.  They hit them with professional jargon and acronyms until they put them to sleep or turn them off completely to what is said.  Therefore, when it comes to communicating with parents and the public in general, educators would do well to forget their diplomas and the fancy cute acronyms, and speak the language of the people.  When it comes to communication, the old adage, “keep it simple stupid” (KISS) is by far the best strategy.  If you don’t believe it, ask Donald Trump; his “trumpet” call took him all the way to the White House.


©Jack Linton, February 4, 2017