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10 Ways to Focus on Family this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving take the holiday back, and make it a truly special day.  For a little while put aside the chaos in the world, the shopping blitzes, and the everyday drama, and concentrate on who and what truly matters in your life.  Focus on family and friends.  Make them the only focus of your day.  In the complex world in which we live, the competition for our attention is brutal.  With television, cell phones, and other devices designed to make our lives easier and bring us closer, we have never been further apart, especially families.  We have lost touch with who we are, and what we are about.

Therefore, to help make this the best Thanksgiving ever, and help focus on what really matters, ten ways to focus on family this Thanksgiving are listed below.  The strategies are not magic, but one or more might bring magic back into your life, so give them a try, and see what happens:

  1. Turn off the world and concentrate on family and friends! For one day, refuse to think of the world, and think only about family;
  2. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! Better, watch the faces of the kids watching it;
  3. Shut down Facebook! Take a break from the drama;
  4. Shut down tweeting! For one day, pay attention to those around you;
  5. Turn off the news! Instead, catch up with news about family and friends;
  6. Turn off the television! Put on some music and dance, or play a game with the kids;
  7. Turn off your cell phone! Use it only to talk with distant loved ones;
  8. Forget the diet, and stuff yourself! Honor the turkey’s sacrifice;
  9. Watch a holiday movie, or nap, or eat some more turkey! Just visit; and
  10. Give thanks for your blessings! Invite everyone to share a blessing.

No, it is not magic, but more than ever before, focus on family is what we need in our lives.  Give it a try; God might surprise you with another blessing.  Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you and your family.


©Jack Linton, November 22, 2017